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The Other Side by Justin Gladstone

Title: The Other Side

Author: Justin Gladstone

Rating: 5/5 stars


If one thought created the universe, then who was the first to think? The Other Side is a mystery and fantasy novel that delves into a parallel world that almost completely reflects our own. If people reflect us, then what could we say about our emotions? Is our sadness a result of their happiness? Find the truth, on The Other Side.


Where do I even begin to review this gem of a book?
Justin managed to create a world rich in writing and imagination. Starting off, what impressed me the most was the use of QR Codes throughout the book, which made the experience of reading his work that much more believable and intriguing. Getting a chance to experience the first-hand outlook of the author’s vision through images is what made the action stand out.
Moving on to the plot, Justin is the kind of author that likes to keep its readers on its toes, always unsure where the story will take the characters. You can really see the amount of work and dedication that has been put into this book: from the chain of action, the characters, the world construction to the writing style.
Speaking of writing style, it can clearly be seen that Justin’s is a creative and innovative one, his words capturing the reader and taking him on an unexpected journey, full of twists and turns!
To conclude, I have nothing but praise for “The Other Side” and I cannot wait for the next book where I can finally find out what happens to the characters that I have grown fond of!

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