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The Dream Keepers by Linda Keen

Title:The Dream Keepers

Author:Linda Keen

Rating: 5/5 stars


Love is the answer. A heartwarming story about family, friendship, diversity, and self-knowledge.

In the first years of the new millennium, Star and Thatcher O’Day are seven and eight years old when they are forced to leave the only home they have ever known.

Driving cross country from the Deep South to the West Coast with their grandfather, a famous poet they consider strange, sister and brother will have to accustom themselves before long to an eccentric artist who does not look or act anything like they think a grandmother should. Settling into entirely new surroundings, their joys as well as trials and tribulations, combined with the ebb and flow of memorable relationships, become central to the siblings’ incitement for change.

As each advancing year elicits increasing levels of alarm and acute dangers, their continuing encounters steer them into places and circumstances they never could have imagined.


This book was such an enjoyable read. I had so much fun reading about the adventures of Star and Thatcher.These two characters take you on a wonderful journey where you get to see them grow and ,by the time you finish the book, I assure you will be sad that you have to part ways with them.

Another reason that I enjoyed this book was because it dealt real issues and it makes you happy , sad : you want to cry , you want to smile at times and you want to laugh because the book is so diverse and well done.

“The Dream Keepers” is a really good recommendation for children growing up because it offers a lot of insight into that period of time and , through Star and Thatcher’s journey , you get to learn a new way to approach the challenges that may come your way.

To conclude, this book was an emotional rollercoaster and that is why I recommend it to everyone even if you are an avid reader or you are now just getting into reading because Linda wrote a beautiful story.

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