Interview with Sam K. Levy

Sam K. Levy is a young author from Australia . Her first novel called “Reigntime”is out and she is currently working on book two (out april  2017).

Book synopsis :

Lexie Taylor, a seventeen-year-old student nurse in tropical North Queensland, has been assigned a new patient and she’s baffled by his odd and uncooperative behaviour. But she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Myall, who, for the first time since the death of her older brother, reminds Lexie of what it is to be happy.

As Lexie begins to trust him, Myall reveals he is a Reigntime creature—a magical and immortal being from the Awakening—who will die if he remains in hospital. Risking everything, Lexie smuggles him out, and together they travel deep into the dangerous tropics of Kakadu on a mission to locate the key to his survival.

But the dangers that await them will give Lexie a death sentence of her own…

Questions :

1.How do you get inspiration ? (@libraryfae)

I feel like I am always in the mood to write and wanting to do that always inspires me.I just need to get there.I started writing the first book while I was in university and writing made me really happy so I decided to continue.

2.What first inspired you to write ?(@lostinabookishcollection)

When I was a kid , I used to write a lot of stories but they were absolutely dreadful. I started reading some middle grade novels and I found them so interesting . I wanted to do that, I wanted to write .

3.How do people react when you tell them you’re an author ? (@lostinabookishcollection)

I didn’t tell anyone that I was writing a book. I started telling my friends after “Reigntime”was finished . They were all really surprised because they never saw me a writer.

4.Which authors inspire you ? (@babblingbooks)

I have lots . One of them is J.R.R. Tolkien. I just love how he created a culture within the book ”Hobbit”: there is a language, a history . That really helped me when I started creating a language for my book. I also looked at George R.R. Martin’s work .  For Game of Thrones (the T.V series ) they had to create Dothraki so I looked it up and started studying it too.Last but not least, J.K. Rowling was a huge inspiration to me because I grew up reading her books and I still love them now , which makes her such a great writer.

5.What did you research for your book ? 

Besides the language , I researched a lot about the australian culture and visited almost every place that is described in the book to make sure I present it as accurate as possible.

6.What is the best book you have read recently ? (@fictionandfae)

“A court of mist and fury”. Sarah J. Mass is such a great author.

7.What inspired you to write young adult fantasy ? (@fictionandfae)

I really love to read about fantasy and adventure. Fantasy is definitely on the rise , books like “A court of thorns and roses” are huge right now and I thought that writing about something that I love and that is also well perceived by the readers will be a good idea.

8.Where did the idea of the book come from ? (@abooktropolis01)

One night I was in bed , almost asleep and suddenly this idea popped into my head. I took a notebook and I started writing the prologue of the book . To this day, after six years, I haven’t changed it.

9.Do you read all of your book reviews and how do you react to them ? (@abooktropolis01)

I  do and I am always terrified because I am just waiting for that bad review to come. Up till now, everyone was wonderful , giving me amazing feedback.

10.Is there a specific place or a specific activity you do that makes you want to write ? (@bookbiff)

I just write where I can. I am on a deadline and I have to get it done  but I love it so much so it does not matter where I am.

11.Are the characters based on real people ? (@theperksofbeingnoura)

No. But I have borrowed names from my family or friends . Every name carries a different meaning that suits the character.

12.How long did you work on the book ? (@bookotter)

I started my first book in university , six years ago and because of the busy schedule , I could only write a couple of paragraphs  here and there.

13.What are common traps for aspiring writers ?

I think that the main issue is with the writing craft. There are the  good stories that are told badly and the bad stories that are told well.The writing style plays a huge role in a book so I think that what some writers do wrong is the fact that they jump in and start writing without having done any research in the writing craft area. The best book on this subject is “On writing”by Stephen King. Another advice would be to read different genres and find out what strikes you the most .

14.What other authors are you friends with and how did that help you with your writing ?

I don’t really know authors  . My aunt is published in non-fiction but she writes fiction for fun. She was really helpful during the whole process of writing my first book.

15.What is your best memory as a writer ?

Being published . Going through the process  taught me so much and having my book in physical format was so surreal to me.

16.What are your favorite under appreciated novels ?

The Dresden Files  by Jim Buther and Trylle  by Amanda Hocking .

17.What does success for your book look like to you ?

Being published is already so amazing but my next goal would be to become a best-seller in Australia.I would love for it to be a carrier and do that full-time in the future.

18.Can you describe your book in three words ?

Australia , fantasy and romance.

19.What character do you relate to the most ?

The main character , Lexie , but I never intended  to shape her after me.

20.Do you believe in writer’s block ?

Yes. I know where my story goes and what happens next . I have created a timeline with everything that will happen but , sometimes, I just cannot get myself to write the scene that I want. One way to deal with it , it’s just to stop writing . I get out , exercise , watch T.V , meet my friends and when I come back to writing I feel so much more inspired.

21.Do you have anything to say to your readers ?

Thank you so much for all the support and for  the wonderful feedback. You have helped me get where I am and I am so grateful. You are amazing and I love you so much. It means a lot.


Thank you so much to Sam for taking the time to help me and to all the wonderful people that sent in questions . You can find them all on instagram.

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