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Kaitlyn is a Canadian actress, who is best known for her role of Shannon Cotterie in the Netflix Original Stephen King adaptation 1922, for her role of Abigail in The Healer, a family comedy-drama where she plays a worldly teenage girl stricken with incurable cancer. The Healer screened in theaters across Spain, Central America and recently in North America where all proceeds from the film were be donated to Paul Newman’s Foundation for seriously ill kids. In 2019 Kaitlyn can also be seen in the comedy-drama, The Professor, where she worked alongside Johnny Depp and Zoey Deutch and in the sci-fi fantasy film, Spontaneous with Katherine Langford. Kaitlyn has also established herself on television networks such as Hallmark and Lifetime where she recently starred as a competitive gymnast in A Father’s Nightmare opposite Jessica Lowndes.

 1. For the people who might not know you, who are you and what do you do?

I’m an 18-year-old Canadian actress and I currently split my time between Vancouver and Los Angeles.

2. How did you become involved in the entertainment industry?

I started in musical theatre when I was very young and my career has just really developed organically from there. I booked some commercials, then student films and smaller film and TV roles before landing my first lead in a feature film when I was 14 in a film called The Healer.

3. Of the roles that you played, who was your favorite to portray and why? 

I’ve had a really amazing career so far in that I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of incredible directors and have played a variety of interesting characters. A project that will always be close to my heart is The Healer where I portrayed a 14-year girl living with cancer. That project was written and directed by Paco Arango, who has become a huge mentor to me and the film had all of its proceeds go back to supporting children with serious illness around the world. The film also stars Jonathon Price, Oliver Jackson Cohen, Jorge Garcia, and Camilla Luddington and can be found on-demand on many streaming platforms.

4. What do you love most about your job as an artist?

  There are so many reasons why I love being an artist, and specifically an actress. Above all, I love telling stories and the ability I have as an actor to affect others and change people’s perspectives.

5. If you weren’t an actress, what would you be doing? 

I would definitely continue my education. Having just recently graduated from high school, I have decided to take the next few years to really focus on my career, however, I do plan to attend university at some point as I love school and learning.

6. What kind of roles do you prefer when you are looking at a potential character to portray? 

 As for films I love psychological thrillers, and in general films that are thought-provoking. Role-wise, I love a challenge, so roles that aren’t similar to the ones I’ve already played are the ones I enjoy diving into the most.

7. Can you disclose anything about your upcoming projects?

 I have an exciting project coming out called The Color Rose, written and directed by Courtney Paige. It’s a murder mystery that follows seven girls in a small religious town who become known as “The Sins”. I play Grace Carver, the leader of the group. You can watch for release details this Fall. Aside from that, you can also catch me on a short I did called The Loneliest Boy In The World, written, produced and directed by Dylan Schmid (1922).

8. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

 If you’re referring to roles from a career perspective, I absolutely loved having the opportunity to be part of the Netflix original Stephen King thriller, 1922 (opposite Molly Parker, Thomas Jane, and Dylan Schmid). I enjoy watching psychological thrillers and being part of 1922 was a lot of fun. Zak Hilditch did an amazing job bringing this story to life.

9. Who are some artists that inspire you and why?

There are so many amazing artists that I look up to. Particularly I would have to say that Natalie Portman is a huge inspiration to me.

10. Do you have any advice for aspiring actors who want to get started in the industry?

You have to really fall in love with the process of auditioning and embrace the challenges that come with being involved in this industry. You have to learn to manage many highs and lows which is hard but also makes you stronger as a person. I think it’s important to get into this industry for the right reasons and to surround yourself with people who support your goals and dreams. And always keep training so you can grow as an artist.

11. Do you have anything to say to the people who support you?

I think one of the hardest things about growing up in this industry is the unpredictability and how last minute it is. You have to have a family who is willing to constantly change plans for your career and you have to have friends who also understand and support you! I’m lucky to have both.

12. What is the best thing about acting?

There are many things! The people you get to meet and learn from, the travel opportunities and when you book something, the opportunity to do what you love!

13. What do you have in mind for the future?

I’ve just finished high school and am able to put all of my focus on my career right now, which is really exciting! In the fall I’ll be moving to Los Angeles, my foundation, Just Breathe, is expanding and I’m working on my own script which I’m hoping to bring to life sometime next year!

14. What are some causes that are dear to your heart and hope to bring awareness to?

After shooting The Healer, and watching our director Paco Arango used the film industry as a way to make a difference to kids fighting serious illness, I decided to start my own foundation called Just Breathe. To date, we have raised over $100,000 that has supported the Canadian Cancer Society’s Camp Goodtimes, a program that I really believe in.

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Photo Credit: Courtney Paige


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