Interview with Janie Bryant

Janie Bryant is an Emmy Award winning Costume Designer  known for her costumes for Mad Men , Deadwood, The Last Tycoon , It and more. She has worked with brands including Hearts on Fire Diamonds, Downy Wrinkle Releaser, SONY, NIKE, Maidenform and Mack Weldon.Her work has been cited as influential by designers Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Prada, Marc Jacobs and others. One of her most recent projects she contributed to , The Last Tycon is currently out on Amazon Prime and I got to interview her for a behind the scenes look at the process of creating the beautiful costumes of the 1930’s.

1.What were you most excited for when you found out you were going to design for The Last Tycoon?

I love the 1930’s Especially the golden age of Hollywood 1930’s. As we say on the set of The Last Tycoon “It’s the Season of Glamour”.

2.Where did you get the inspiration for the costumes ?

It all starts with the script. From there after I breakdown the script in terms of all the characters and start to visualize what they look like then I’ll start my research process. I’ll research everything from movies of the time period, to magazines, news papers, catalogues, and of course the internet. I also get inspiration from looking at fabrics, buttons and trims.
3.In your opinion , what piece of clothing is the most significant in the series ?

There’s so many but one of my favorites for the series is Margo Taft’s gold gown that i designed for the Oscars.
I call it the “Piece de Resistance”.
 4.What costume designer inspires you the most ?

I love the process of seeing the actor transform into the character by the costume design.
 5.What actors were you most excited to work with ?

Matt Bomer, I adore. He is gracious, kind and a true gentleman. Lily Collins is as lovely and beautiful  as she is on-screen. Rose Marie DeWitt and I are long time friends so it was wonderful to work with her again. Kelsey Grammer is a riot in the fitting room and makes me laugh. He’s a very funny man and I  love his sense of humor. It was also an honor to work with Jennifer Beals.
 6.What advice ca you give to aspiring designers ?

Don’t take no for an answer. Always believe in your dreams.
 7.How much creative freedom did you have on The Last Tycoon?

Billy and Chris trusted me a lot! I always felt creatively free costume designing the show.
 8.What has been the biggest success in your career so far ?

I don’t know if this is the biggest success but it was a moment in my career that I’ll never ever forget.
I was receiving a the Edith Head award from Fashion Group International and at the end of the ceremony Pierre Cardin introduced himself to me and invited me to his fashion show in New York the next evening, and he had sat me next to him to see his show!It was truly an honor.
 Thank you so much to Janie Bryant for agreeing to the interview. It was truly an honor to get to know more about such a talented person .I sure can’t wait to see what she has prepared for the future.If you want to know more about her , go to her website where you can find more.

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