Interview with Jaime Primak Sullivan

Jaime Primak Sullivan is a producer known for Breaking In (2018), Before We Do and Fear Followers.

1. For the people that might not know you, tell us a little about yourself and what you do!

My name is Jaime Primak Sullivan and I am Head of Digital Development and Production for Will Packer Media. Also the creator and executive producer of Breaking In starring Gabrielle Union.

2.  When did you decide you wanted to become part of the entertainment industry?

Probably when I was in high school and I realized that in entertainment everyone had a big personalty. I didn’t stand out as much. I fit in.

3. What is the best thing about your job?

Knowing that I’m utilizing all the gifts that God gave me.

4. What was the best experience while working on Breaking In?

Seeing the idea that my home come to life. There really isn’t a part of it that I haven’t enjoyed.

5. Who are some people inspire you?

Francis Berwick, President of Lifestyle Networks, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment. She works hard and she is unapologetic about her success and position, and I just admire that so much.

6. What does Breaking In mean to you?

That a mother will go to any lengths to save her child.

7. Do you have some favorite tv shows/movies at the moment?

The Show With Trevor Noah. I would watch Trevor Noah read the phone book.

8. What are some causes dear to your heart ?

Doberman Rescue!

9. Do you have any advice for young girls who want to make it into this industry?

Figure out ways to turn no’s into yeses.

10.  What are some quotes that you live by ?

“This too shall pass.”

Thank you so much to Jaime for agreeing to the interview.I ,personally, am a huge fan of her and her creative projects like Breaking In and #Cawfeetawk. You can find Jaime on her Instagram,her Facebook Page and her Twitter.


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