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Benjamin J Papac was born July 1993 in California, USA and grew up in Georgia. He is an actor and writer known for The Walking Dead(2010), Greenhouse Academy (2017), Into the Badlands (2015) and Saving the Human Race: Webisodes(2017). Ben graduated Summa cum Laude from LSU in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and a minor in Vocal Performance. Benjamin has residences on both the East and West Coast splitting time between the two.

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1.How did you react when you found out you got the role of Max Miller on Greenhouse Academy ?

I was in shock. They told everyone we were coming back for one last audition. When they led us into the room, there was a billboard with our headshots and a sign that said “Our Cast.” We all started hugging and celebrating.

2.What is the best thing about having your show on Netflix ?

It can reach such a wide audience. We get to share our story with people all over the world. I get messages from fans in Brazil, Argentina, Norway, France, Romania, the U.K., Israel, the list goes on. It’s overwhelming to think about.

3.What is your favorite trait ofMax Miller ?

He’s kind. He’s more kind than any other human I’ve met. Max has such a heart for people.

4.What was your first impression of the cast ?

They’re a wonderful group of people. I was so excited to work with such a talented cast. There’s a lot of love there.

5.What was the most challenging scene to film this season?

The entirety of episode 11!There was so much going on, and so many scenes had to be covered. And TONS of actors and background actors. We were shooting shot after shot all day. It was chaos.

6.Who is the funniest on set ?

Probably BJ. That guy cracks me up every time I see him.

7.Who , from the cast , do you admire the most ?

Parker Stevenson. He has so much experience and wisdom. Parker was a great person to be around on set.

8.Do you think real schools will reach a point where they will be like the Greenhouse Academy ?

No school can ever be as cool as Greenhouse Academy! (Except Hogwarts)

9.Which actors inspire you ?

Robin Williams. Hands down. I’ve loved his work since I saw Aladdin and Flubber. What Dreams May Come is close to my heart too.

10.For people who haven’t watched the first season yet , what would you say to convince them to watch?

This show has so much heart. You’re going to fall in love with someone on the show by the end of Episode 1. That’s what I love most about Greenhouse Academy.

11.How many seasons would you like the show to be ?

I think 5 to 8 seasons would let us fulfill the relationships and the mystery of the story.

12.What made you want to become an actor ?

I love understanding other people. The connection between each of us is the whole purpose of life, to me. We are meant to know, understand, and love one another. Acting helps us do that.

13.What plans do you have for your career in the future ?

Wherever life takes me! I love science fiction, and relationship-driven stories. But any project I encounter that excites me, I will do!

14.Do you have anything to say to the supporters of the show ?

Thank you. I’m overjoyed that you all love the show. We put a lot of heart into this show, and it’s humbling to see people respond in such a powerful way.

15.Season two airs in March . Can you describe it in three words ?

Netflix And Chill. Just kidding.

16.Do you have any advice for aspiring actors ?

Find characters that make you feel challenged, vulnerable, afraid that you will fail. That’s where you will grow as an artist.

17.Anything else you can disclose about season 2 ?

Hm.  Not really, haha! I’m not allowed to give spoilers.


Thank you so much to the talented , funny and charming Benjamin Papac for the interview ! You can find him on Instagram, Twitter and IMDb if you click on the names ! It was a pleasure to interview and get to know him! I can’t wait for season 2 in march . In the meantime , here is the trailer for the first season of Greenhouse Academy :


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