Interview with Aadila Dosani

Aadila Dosani is an actress, filmmaker, and activist in her own right, best known for her work on select projects like Fall Back Down, Godfrey, A Million Little Things, Unspeakable, The Good Doctor, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Crossing, Upstairs Amy, #ThisisAna, The Inbetween, and sketch comedy Beavers Edge to name a few. She also had the honor of working with the young and ever so talented Brooklyn Prince in her directing debut, Colors, that premiered on Instagram (produced by Sean Baker). Aadila is also very actively involved in promoting body positivity and mental health with #IamSizeSexy as well as other local and national volunteer-based organizations.

1. For the people who might not know you, could you introduce yourself?

Hey, Y’all! My name is Aadila Dosani… actress… although I prefer actor (depending on the day – some days I am a total emotional basket case cry baby!) Born and raised in good old Calgary, Alberta. I spent what I call my “formative” years in Toronto, ON and now in Vancouver blessed to be doing what I love most – playing pretend!

2. What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry and how did you get started?

It was a play I did in grade 8 at Dr. Gordon Higgins Jr. High School in Calgary! I cannot for the life of me tell you the name of the play but it was a Murder Mystery where you had to interact with the audience in character. I fell in love with making people laugh and smile and that was that! I kept with it until I moved to Toronto after high school for a Theatre Program and haven’t looked back since. Well, actually, let’s be honest! I am always looking back and wondering why I feel in love with this… it’s like you’re always riding an emotional rollercoaster – ah! Worked in Theatre for years in Toronto, moved back to Calgary for a relationship (I know) and had a friend convince me to get a film/tv agent! I did – fell in love with the camera, the medium, the intimacy of film, how raw it can be versus playing to the back of the house, moved to Vancouver to pursue film/tv full time and here we are!

3. You are currently starring on the feature film Fall Back Down. What can you tell us about your character and how does it feel like to be a part of this film?

I can’t tell you too much about the film…except that appearance can be deceiving 😉
My Character Reena is one bass ass lady! She is a passionate, witty, quirky beyond words, no BS, hilarious, utterly unapologetically herself all the time, a woman fighting the good fight. It was truly amazing and so empowering to bring her to life and be part of (literally) the type of woman I look up too. Playing Reena really pushed my boundaries (as a performer) and it was wild and frickin’ amazing – I definitely grew as an artist through her. Treats like this don’t happen often! So I soaked up every intelligent, weird, beautiful part of her. It was legit an honor and immense treat being given the opportunity to be part of this film! The story itself is so relevant and I was invited into a world that I would never otherwise experience. I met the most stunning humans and not only got to work with incredible actors but such a witty, smart, unconventional in the best way Director (SB Edwards) who I love, the crew who gave this project their ALL – literally. It just felt amazing to be part of a family where everyone was excited and did it for the film! THE BEST CREW AND PRODUCERS WHO NEVER GET THANKED ENOUGH! So… Thank you!!!

4. Who would you love working with on a project and why?

I mean… always and forever… in my dreams now, but if it could be a reality I would be “ded” (as the kids say)… Marilyn Monroe. IN REAL TIME Mayim Bialik. A sitcom with her would be my dream. Her brain turns me on. One of the women I look up too… a beauty and brain! #funnyandsmartisathingpeople. And off course, Kajol (the greatest Bollywood actress of all time, in my humble opinion)!

5. What do you hope to achieve through your art?

Well…to be honest that changes daily. But today, today I hope to achieve being able to speak too and bring together a community of humans who always felt like they never fit in, who thought they were not enough, who were bullied by people they thought loved them that THEY ARE frikin’ enough, and awesome and that the world needs them to be unapologetically themselves because we need their hearts to heal the crazy energy we are all living in. I hope that through my art and performance, I can be part of a platform that says being weird and smart is what is attractive. OKAY… who am I kidding? I want to achieve the overthrow of the “Goliath”. ADDING to what a leading lady looks like. Because all shapes, sizes, colors are LEADS.

6. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Being a full time working actor. It’s everything I and my 5-year-old self have ever wanted… and now that I have accomplished it I can’t wait to see what else the world has waiting for me. I know that sounds crazy… but I have always loved to work and for the first time in my life I am understanding what it means when humanoids work to live… and it is flippin’ divine!

7. Which artists influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking and career path?

To be honest, that changes day-to-day as well. But today, Jameela Jamil and Sophia Bush. Not only are they talented beyond words, but activists in their own right. Using their platform to create change in a way I feel is just the best! Keeping it real, keeping it positive, keeping it smart AF! I admire their philanthropic work so much and cannot wait to be using my platform to provoke a similar change!

8. What is the best vs. the worst thing about the entertainment industry?

BEST is getting to do what I love every day! WORST… there really isn’t a worst but the instability of the industry is a tough one to navigate. Said it before and will say it again, it is like you are on a never-ending emotional rollercoaster. But so worth it!

9. What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Follow them initial gut feelings. They are the only things we have that no one else controls.

10. How do you deal with the stress of the entertainment industry?

Bravo Housewives, wine, my trampoline (yes, mini and amazing… gotta get that angst out), whiskey on those tougher days, nachos with extra cheese, Queer Eye, mediation and MY PEOPLE (I am so lucky to have some amazing, amazing friends). AND calling my mom and my dad who keeps me sane.

11. What is one philosophy that you live by?

Be honest, always. Be polite. Be human. Smile at everyone you make eye contact with.

12. Do you have any advice for people who want to get started in the industry?

Jump in. Just jump in with zero regrets! It is going to be tough AF and you are going to cry and eat a lot of ice cream to feel better but it is also going to give you the highest of highs! BUT only if you jump in, feel the fear and drive on through! Don’t listen to the people who say you’re too old, not experienced enough, la la la. Your life can change in the blink of an eye in this industry if you are in it for the right intentions. Don’t get discouraged when shit doesn’t go your way… because it won’t 98% of the time! Just keep working on your art, stay in your lane, don’t worry about anyone else and the right person will fall in love with you and take notice! PROMISE!

13. What plans do you have in mind for the future?

Right now, not much and it is nice! I want to take my parents and sister on a trip back to East Africa (the motherland) so starting to plan that adventure right now will it fun! However, I am learning how to be organized via spreadsheets and jazz…I admire type A’s so much… I don’t understand these things! It’s a skill! LEGIT SKILL.

14. What are some causes that are dear to your heart and hope to bring awareness to in the future?

#Iamsizesexy. #Iamsizesexy. #Iamsizesexy. LOOK IT UP.

Thank you so much to Aadila for the interview. You can find out more about her and her work on:





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