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Bones in the Garden by McKayla Debonis

Title:Bones in the Garden

Author: McKayla Debonis

Rating: 4/5 stars


Here lies the anatomy of the first Heartbreak.


take my advice, you can grow, you can heal, you can learn, no matter what.
Just pick yourself up and keep going.


I really enjoyed McKayla’s writing . As the synopsis states, the book is built as an anatomy of a first heartbreak and it is so beautifully done. Each poem presents floral elements and they are in very strong connection with nature.

Along with these beautiful poems , there are illustrations that can help the reader find meaning on a deeper level than before.Even though the poems are short , they have such powerful meaning that there is no need for more words.

McKayla’s writing is really unique but beautiful ,nonetheless and , from my point of view, it is a really intriguing read for any poetry lover .If you want to support a wonderful author , go out and check McKayla’s book out:


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