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Beauty and The Beast-Movie Review

Movie:Beauty and The Beast


Rating:5/5 stars


Beauty and The Beast is a movie adaptation of a fairytale about a prince turned into a monstrous-looking beast and a young woman who fall in love.


Before I start , I just want to say that I grew up watching the original “Beauty and the Beast” and I went to watch the movie ,not knowing what to expect because loved the original and I wanted the new one to be as amazing.

I was not disappointed as the movie was incredible.The CGI was so well done and everything seemed taken out of a fairytale book.The details in this movie are what makes it so great. For example, look at this picture comparing the original Lumiere and Cogsworthwith the ones from the 2017 movie:


The casting was so good ,especially Emma Watson as Belle. The movie stayed true to the original story and it also explored more themes like :why Belle’s mother wasn’t in the picture and why the beast had such a bad character at the beginning.

All in all, I loved this movie so much and I recommend it to everyone . If you get the chance , definitely go and watch it. Here is the trailer if you want more:





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