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To The Bone-Movie Review

Movie: To The Bone


Rating:5/5 stars


A young woman is dealing with anorexia. She meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life.


To The Bone was such an eye-opening experience as it showed a subject that is never discussed in the mainstream media. Hats off to Marti Noxon for writing and directing this movie and hats off to all the actors involved as well !

Lily Collins , who plays the main character ,Ellen, gave such an outstanding performance in this movie. Even though Lily is a brilliant actress in every movie she is in, this role was so powerfully delivered and unique. She poured her soul into this movie and it can clearly be seen as it was so well done ! The subject of anorexia is presented in this movie and it’s the first of its kind.

I would also like to mention that both the writer/director , Marti Noxon and main actress , Lily Collins have suffered from eating disorders so the movie is in no way meant to glamorize anorexia , but rather share a new light on the subject with is needed to be seen by people who didn’t sufferer from it so that they can understand the disorder better.

I have nothing but praise for this movie. Some films have certain powerful moments but “To The Bone” is enitrely constructed by powerful moments. Congratulation to everyone involved in this project for giving the viewers an insight and more understanding of this disorder. If you want to watch the trailer , I will leave it down below:


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