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Laura is a passionate artist and storyteller with an unwavering commitment to her craft. Born in Singapore she then lived in Jakarta until the age of three when her parents then moved to the Beautiful West Coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up around Nature and the ocean had a huge effect on Laura’s imagination and creative desires as a child. She started performing at a young age in Touring theatre troupe’s and Singing/theatre competitions. During high school, she continued her love of acting and performing and after graduating with honors she made the move to Montreal to attend Concordia University. School could not contain her long as she soon started to work professionally in acting in Montreal and decided to put her academic career on hold. Settling back in Vancouver she continued to pursue her acting career and over the last few years her dedication has paid off as she has been steadily on the rise and quickly making a name for herself. She can be seen in a variety of films and TV shows, most recently “Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance “ ( Lifetime, ) “Finding Santa” (Hallmark), “IZombie”(CW), “The Menendez Brothers” (Lifetime) , “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” (BBC America), “Seasons Greeting”(UPTV), “Christmas Bucket List”(Hallmark), and “October Kiss” ( Hallmark ). When she’s not working you can find her teaching and coaching young actors. Laura is also a passionate and avid traveler who makes it a priority to discover new cultures and ways of life. 

1. For the people who might not know you, who are you and what do you do?

I’m Laura Mitchell. I’m an actor from Canada and I bounce between Vancouver BC and Toronto Ontario with plans to move to Los Angeles this year. People usually know me best from my work with Hallmark and Lifetime.

2. When did you know you wanted to become an actress/model?

I started acting and performing at a young age. Even as a shy child I always loved singing and dancing and creating characters to play. I would watch all these old musicals and films and would dream of becoming these characters I watched over and over again. I grew up around nature and the ocean and was able to create an imaginative world for myself. My parents really encouraged both my sister and me to pursue our creative desires and put us into painting and dance and all these wonderful creative outlets for us to explore. I believe that I wanted to be an actress very early on but I didn’t know how to do that. I wasn’t confident enough in my choice and desire to become one so I didn’t make the decision to commit fully to the craft until much later than most. I would always try to have “back-up” plans but my heart always came back to acting and I knew I would never be able to do anything else.

3. What was your reaction when you got the role of Kate in “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance”?

I was ecstatic! It was a dream come true and it was such a joy to be a part of the project I couldn’t have asked for a better cast and crew to work with.

4. How did you prepare for that role?

To prepare for the role I did as much research as possible on Kate. I researched her movements, voice, and mannerisms. I think I watched every interview she has ever given! I wanted to learn about her upbringing and life before the royal family, as well as the time leading up to her becoming the Duchess of Cambridge. She went through such immense media scrutiny and pressure and I think that contributed a lot to the way she is portrayed in the film. I wanted to find out who the real Kate is and not just the Royal Icon.

5. What is the best thing about acting?

The opportunity to be a storyteller and to bring stories to life. To delve into the human condition and to connect with humanity. To completely immerse myself into my imagination and sense of play is such a joy. So often after childhood people shut off this part of themselves and I am so lucky that it is my job to keep my heart open and imagination alive.

6. What did you learn about the industry that you can share with aspiring actors?

To try not to compare your journey with anyone else’s. This is way easier said than done and I still struggle with it. To know that there is so much of this industry that is out of your hands and if you show up and bring yourself and do the work and walk away knowing you gave your all, then you have done your job. Don’t get stuck on why you didn’t get the part or whose career is soaring and yours is stuck in the mud. You are on your own path, you create your own life. Be true to yourself, be kind to yourself and work so hard that they have no choice but to love you.

7. What are some misconceptions about your job as an actress/model?

This is not an easy job, this is not an easy industry. It is riddled with nepotism and favoritism and politics. It’s not glamorous and fun all the time. It’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t be here if the payoff wasn’t worth it.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I would have to say playing Kate Middleton. It was my most notable role as of yet and I feel like it definitely took my career to a new place!

8. What is the best experience you had as an actress?

Oh wow, that’s a tough one. There are so many little victories and little moments that are the “best.” There have been so many amazing times on set and being able to meet new people all the time and experience things that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Sometimes I get in my head and wonder what I’m doing and why I’m pursuing this career and then I’ll go an have an on fire audition where everything is connected and you are truly there and in the character and everything feels so right. It’s those moments that I live for and it’s those moments that pull me back in, that remind me of the joy of acting and why I am doing what I’m doing.

9. What are some projects that you would love to work on?

I am so in love with crime drama and thrillers that my dream job would be to work with someone like David Fincher on a show or a film like Mindhunter or Gone Girl. I am so drawn to that genre and can basically binge watch any crime drama ever so to actually be a part of one would be a dream come true. I love any project with amazing writing and fleshed out rich characters. A show with character and story development such as Breaking Bad would be a dream. I also love period pieces and fantasy. If there’s a role for a Canadian girl on Game of Thrones count me in!

10. Who are your role models and why?

I admire those that have a great work ethic and have not had an easy life with everything handed to them. Those who don’t give up and who persevere even when everyone is against them. I find new role models all the time or something that I admire in someone and then I will try to adopt it into my own life. I think those that are successful who are self-aware and kind and practice self-love are very inspiring to me. Those that value health and wellness and see the world in a positive light I very much admire.

11. What values are most important to you?

I’m drawn to people who have a sense of openness, kindness and a great sense of humor. I always like to surround myself with people who don’t take life too seriously. I also admire a sense of curiosity and discovery and those who can match my sense of adventure!

12. What do you hope to achieve in the future?

I hope to continue to have the opportunity to act and create and to have more freedom with the roles I get to do and to also create my own work. I am open to wherever this career may lead me and that might be behind the camera at some point as well!

13. What are some causes that are dear to your heart and hope to bring awareness to?

For a long time, I have wanted to bring awareness to Women rights in certain countries where they are severely restricted. It is shocking in 2019 that women around the world have to live lives that are not their own. Women are being killed by their own families and brutalized every day and they do not have a voice or anywhere to turn to. Mental health awareness is also very dear to my heart as someone who has struggled with depression my entire life. I think that there are a lot of changes being made to break the stigma around mental health and I would like to be a part of that change.

Thank you so much to the lovely Laura for agreeing to the interview! You can check her and her work out on:

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