Interview with Kristy Dawn Dinsmore

Kristy Dawn Dinsmore is an actress, known for Storm Cell (2008), Evil Feed (2013), Vikings (2013) and Supernatural (2005). Having a strong dance background including musical theatre, ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, stage, hip-hop to name a few, Led her to be scouted by a Vancouver, Canada talent agency. Kristy’s first gig was at the age of sixteen on a MOV called Storm Cell playing a young Mimi Rogers. Presently she continuously takes classes in the Vancouver/Los Angeles areas and is working on the art of her craft to pursue her lifelong dreams.

1. For the people who might not know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Kristy Dawn Dinsmore, I am an Actress, Dancer and Philanthropist. Most recently I became an Ambassador for “Bite The Bullet Stories” Campaign with Farrah Aviva.

2. When did you know you wanted to become an actress & how did you get started?

As long as I can remember but timing is everything. My mother noticed I had quite a lot of energy at a very young age and kept me busy with Musical Theatre, Swimming and Gymnastics. She decided I needed another outlet and thought acting was up my alley, so she shopped around for commercial agencies when I was three but at the time I was labelled too “shy”. I ended up excelling at dance and went professional at the age of sixteen. Then during that time I was scouted and signed with my first agency and within a year I booked my first role. Performing has always been my identity and my outlet, and when I transitioned out of dance and into acting it was a big moment for me. My mother saw that charisma in me, she was always my cheerleader and number one supporter. I am so grateful she took notice and gave me those huge opportunities.

3. How did you get involved with “Bite The Bullet Stories”?

Farrah and I have known each other for a long time but we hadn’t seen each other in years. Farrah is an amazing photographer and when I booked her for a shoot, I was struggling in my personal life so when I opened up to her about my experiences, she mentioned to me about “Bite The Bullet Stories”. One thing led to another and my boyfriend Alexander and I did a photo shoot and it was such a spiritual and magical moment between the three of us. It felt like a shift at that moment where I knew that this project was something I needed to be a part of. I really valued what the message Farrah was trying to project and I just wanted to help in any way possible and see this project grow. Then recently Farrah asked me to become an ambassador and the rest is history. I am so honored to be involved, and what Farrah is doing is something really unique and special.

4. Who are some people who you would love to see share their “Bite The Bullet Stories”?

I really wanted to see my boyfriend do it, I was so proud when he did. It took a lot of courage for him to open up about his experience. I think that, in this industry, if you have a voice, creating community and sharing your experiences by being a role model for people gives all of us hope. I would love to see Demi Lovato do a story as well. She has been struggling recently and I think that by opening up she could help, not only herself, but others struggling too.

5. How did you react when you found out you got the part in Vikings?

It was a dream come true, I felt honored and also humbled because I knew my work was cut out for me, and I would have to prove myself, I took my job very seriously and never for granted, I soaked up every second of it, went to set early most days and learned as much as I could because I knew how special this was. The family dynamic they created with the Irish crew and cast was astonishing and I lucked out immensely with such a supportive bunch and an amazing experience. From the lessons, the growth and learning of it all I’m so grateful and it will go down in history as one of my fondest and most proud moments in my career.

6. Who are some people who inspire you?

When my mother passed away when I was nine years old I had a lot of amazing women supporting me, who have always been my number one role models. These were women from my extended family, neighbors, friends, like my Aunt Joy, my Aunt Nikki, selfless women whom I am so grateful for. They all collectively came together to help a family and a little girl in need. It was an incredible thing to see a neighborhood come together. I always say that there is a silver lining in everything in life and my mom passing away made me the woman I am today. I always say that I was raised by an army of women even though I was also raised by my father who did everything he could and more during those painful times. I am lucky and I feel so blessed to have had that support. Another person who inspires me is my best friend Carlie Rondquist who I have known ever since I was twelve. She keeps me grounded and always inspires me to keep focused; she’s an incredible women I look up to her in so many ways. If I had to choose a role model from the industry whom I would emulate for my career, it would be Michelle Williams. She is graceful, well-spoken and I admire her choices as an actress.

7. What would be your dream role?

Honestly, I feel like any role is a dream role. If I can consistently work and have a career with longevity to it in this industry I would die happy. To be specific, however, I would be attracted to a role that has substance and a good story behind it, something out of the box and what people wouldn’t expect of me.

8. What is your advice for aspiring actors?

I would have to say patience, and Stay kind to yourself. Own who you are without any apologies and stop comparing yourself. We have idealized expectations of what success looks like and we put these people and celebrities on pedestals. You have to remember that everyone is different and each and every one of us is on a different journey in this life. There are no rules so staying away from judgements and self hate is super important. There’s room for everyone and success shouldn’t be measured by what society tells you it should be. Also you don’t have to be in pain and be suffering to be an actor. My first acting coach Carol used to say to me, “You are enough”. I truly grasped this concept just recently and suddenly I didn’t feel the need to impress or please people anymore; I could just stay true to who I was unapologetically.

9. What are the best & worst things about the entertainment industry?

The best thing would be the collaborative process. When I booked Vikings, it seemed so new to me because I had a say finally, I could fight for my character and it was like my voice was being heard for the first time. We had the most amazing dynamic on Vikings and I really got to challenge myself. The worst things about the industry are perfectionism and narcissism. The ability to stay grounded and humble in this industry I believe goes a long way.

10. Who would you love to work with on a project?

I have always said that I would love to work with Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Peter Farrelly although I briefly did get a chance to work with him on a Loudermilk episode. In terms of actors, I would love to work with Timothée Chalamet he’s on fire right now, the guy has some serious chops. Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Adams, all of which I’ve heard are amazing to work with.

11. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

It’s a small victory for me. I swallowed my pride and I moved home when I was struggling financially back in my earlier twenties. It was a moment of maturity for me because I told myself “ Ok you have two paths you can take right now, the easy one or the hard but also more rewarding one. Do you really want to pursue something, conquer your fears and fight for something you love like Acting?” It took a lot of suffering, tears, and self-realization of course until I made that decision, but when I finally did that, I felt empowered and knew that I saved my life. It really helped me hone in on what I wanted and how I wanted to impact this world before I died. I knew I had more potential then what I was giving myself credit for. So I would have to say my biggest accomplishment was learning how to parent myself and finding my worth, differentiating between my wants, my goals and my needs.

12. What would you do if you weren’t acting?

I think I would still be an artist, for sure. I am a creative person and I can’t sit still for too long. So I would probably be a dance teacher or perhaps I would be behind the camera, I definitely would love to do some directing in the future. I love the process and the details that go into the magic behind camera, I find it fascinating and also challenging.

13. Do you have anything to say to your supporters?

Be yourself everyone else is already taken and don’t be scared to speak your truth. Your vulnerabilities are your strength. SELF LOVE is super important to me. The way the world is these days, the word “Busy” is praised and promoted as success. I disagree, making appointments with yourself as simple as a bath, reading a couple of pages of a good book or even a date with a best friend are all self-care and really important. Practicing that is hard sometimes, but I think you find your worth in that when adopting the attitude of, “I am enough,” you give yourself that space to breath and grow. Lastly, thank you. The support that Alexander and I both receive is amazing. I’m all about promoting positivity on social media platforms, I definitely feel the love right back.

Thank you so much to the talented and kind Kristy for this interview. She is so hardworking and wonderful so this interview has been a pleasure to conduct. You can check Kristy out on Instagram, IMDb and check Bite The Bullet Stories out as well.


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