Interview with K. M. Higginbotham

K. M. Higginbotham is the author of “Keeper:The Book of Aon” and she is currently working on her upcoming book “September”.

1.What first inspired you to write? 

I’ve always had an interest in writing since around the age of 11 or 12. I had never finished a full story, though, until I wrote Keeper: The Book of Aon. When I started piecing together Keeper, it was so much fun that I wanted to keep going!

2.What did you research for your book?  

For Keeper: The Book of Aon, I researched architecture and clothing styles of different time periods to decide what sort of feel I wanted Devereux to have when Elizabeth got there. For September, I researched weather and landscapes around the area where the story takes place—which is in Oregon, by the way—as well as some older cars. I had to find the perfect car for Reed.

3.How do you find inspiration ?

My inspiration doesn’t come from one place specifically. I gather inspiration from all sorts of things: conversations I hear, music I listen to, movies I watch, books I read; even just looking out the window and letting my mind wander. If I had to narrow it down, though, probably music or movies.

4.How do people react when you tell them you’re an author?  

I don’t typically tell people I’m an author (unless I’m marketing on social media). If it happens to come up in conversation, though, I get some pretty wide-eyed looks and a whole lot of questions on how I did it. It takes most people by surprise because I’m so young, but really, there are lots of kids my age writing books—they just haven’t published them yet.

5.Which authors inspire you?  

J. K. Rowling is definitely an inspiration to me because of her persistence when Harry Potter was rejected so many times. Shaelin Bishop is an inspiration to me, too—she’s not a published author (yet), but she’s written quite a few books and she’s only in college. She inspires me to keep writing despite my age.

6.What is the best book you have read recently?  

I read the Great Gatsby about three weeks ago. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit—more than I originally thought I would.

7.What inspired you to write young adult fantasy?

 I love the idea of being able to come up with a world all on your own. I didn’t really start writing it thinking, “I’m writing a fantasy book.” It sort of fell into that genre once I started fleshing out the outline and figuring out the story.

8.Where did the idea of the book come from?

 If you’re referring to the novel in general, Keeper comes from the phrase, “Reading takes you places.” If you’re referring to the Book of Aon… well, it comes from the same one.

9.Do you read all of your book reviews and,if so, how do you react to them?

 I don’t go looking around for reviews. When I first published, I did read the reviews on Amazon from my friends and family, and when a book reviewer reads it and puts a post up about it, I’ll read that, too—but I don’t sit around refreshing Amazon for book reviews. When I read the blog posts from people I’ve sent copies to, it’s to see what I can do better in the next book. Reading good reviews warms my heart and really just makes me feel so thankful that people like my writing. When I read a bad review from a reviewer… I won’t lie; it hurts a little bit. But that’s part of being an author. Everyone doesn’t have the same opinion. So I try to move on, I take the criticism, and I try to use it to do better in my future writing.

10.What is your best memory as a writer?

 My favorite memory is probably when I first received the proofs of my book from Amazon. I cried like a baby. It was such a beautiful feeling to open the box and see something that I had spent so much time working on in person, something that I could hold in my hands with my name across the bottom of it.

11.What are your favorite under-appreciated novels?

There’s a novel I read on Wattpad forever ago called I’ll Protect You that I love. I’ve probably read it 8 times in total because the story is just so good. It has some mature language, though, so read with caution. As for published books, Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci is a self-published book that’s really good—I’ll probably reread it at some point. The Book Thief isn’t talked about much, but it’s one of my favorite stories of all time. And, if you’ve never read it before, The Mysterious Benedict Society is a great series. It’s directed towards a slightly younger audience, but they’re cute books and I’d love to read them all over again.

12.Do you believe in writer’s block?

 Writer’s block is sort of subjective in my opinion. Personally, writer’s block is when I’m too lazy to work around the problem. Sometimes, when you feel like there’s nowhere else to go in whatever you’re writing, you just have to keep writing anyway—even if you know it’s bad. You can always go back and fix it later; that’s the beauty of the backspace button (or the eraser)! It all depends on how willing you are to push through and keep going. If you don’t want to write it, skip to another part and write that instead. Writing backward from the climax helps, too!

13.Do you have anything to say to your readers?

 It’s still such a surreal thing to have ‘readers’. I never imagined I’d have an audience of my own. To my readers: Thank you for picking up Keeper and reading it all the way through. The support has been incredible and I hope we can continue this journey together. Here’s to the next one!

14.Anything else you want to say about the book?

 We’ll be seeing more of Elizabeth, Joey, and Alec—as well as introducing new characters in the coming books. Who knows? I may have a surprise in store for the upcoming books. 😉

15.Can you describe your upcoming book in three words?

 Quirky, adventurous, and emotional.

16.When can we expect the second book?

I’m currently working on a different stand-alone novel called September that I hope to release later on this year, so it’ll be a little while on Keeper #2. If everything goes well, I’d like to release it late in 2018!

Thank you so much to K. M. Higginbotham for agreeing to this interview ! I have read her book “The Book of Aon” and it is one of my favorites ! It is so great to interview such a wonderful author !

You can find her and her book in the links down below:

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