Interview with Cece King

Cece King is an actress and writer, known for The Broken Ones (2018), Jessica Jones (2015) and Masters of Sex (2013). She is the co-founder of a film production company “Twisted Valley Films”.

1. For the people who don’t know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Cece King and I am an actor, writer, and producer. I just finished my first feature as a writer and I launched a production company with Elyse Russell called “Twisted Valley Films”. We have a couple of films in the works and one that just came out recently called ”The Broken Ones”.

2. When did you know you wanted to become an actress?

I think I realized I wanted to become an actor and get involved in the entertainment industry when I was about nineteen or twenty years old. I read a book about Catherine Hardwicke who was one of the directors of “Twilight” and it was a behind-the-scenes director’s notebook. By reading that book, I learned more about the inner makings of a movie and what goes on behind the scenes in order to get a movie done. I got so inspired by her and this all got me very excited about applying to film school and moving from New York to Los Angeles.

3. How did Twisted Valley Films come to life?

Twisted Valley Films came to life because Elyse, the director of the “The Broken Ones”, and I worked for three years on this movie and we worked so well together that we decided to start producing things together. The conversation about women in film started to become more and more powerful in the recent years and we really wanted to help other women, so we ended up opening this production company that focuses on female directors, underrepresented groups and just women in general.

4. Where do you see Twisted Valley Films heading?

 We have a film adaptation of a book, right now, called “Dear Jack” that we are hoping to start shooting either in fall or next spring. It follows the true story of a mother of four kids from Connecticut who is dealing with her son’s struggle with opioid addiction. We hope to get to have a lot more social awareness in the movies that we will continue to make and “Dear Jack” can spark the kind of conversation that can eventually help people.

5. What is the best thing about creating your own content?

 I like to have the ability to decide what stories I want to tell and what issues I want to bring more awareness to. Twisted Valley Films was created with this very same purpose and it gives us complete control over what we want to create.

6. Do you have any advice for aspiring actors who want to get started in the business?

I would have to say “Stick to your guns”. Focus on what your strength and talents are and try to develop them as much as you can because you never know what might come in handy someday. It is a really tough business to get started into but if you really want to do it and have this burning desire inside you, absolutely follow it. Whether you want to become an actor, writer, producer, there is a place for you in the business and an opportunity to tell stories from your point of view. So work hard because it pays off in the end.

7. How would you describe “The Broken Ones” to someone who hasn’t seen it?

“The Broken Ones” is a film based off a true story about a girl who loses her father in 9/11 and has to come back to the memorial 10 years later. Two troubled strangers meet one night and help each other overcome personal fears and tragedies. They are so different but throughout the film, they realize that they might be more alike than they think.

8. Did you have a specific way in which you prepared for the role in this movie?

Since I wrote it, I feel like a lot of it was based on my own personal life. In terms of preparation for the role, I think it was the writing process and working with my director that prepared me for the role because after that I just showed up to set and I let it all happen by staying true to who the character was.

9. Do you have a quote or saying that you live by?

 “Just keep on moving”. My mother and grandmother embedded in me this philosophy of “if you get knocked down, get back up and try again”. I come from a family of very strong women who work really hard and they always told me to never give up, no matter what and that has stuck with me throughout my life.

10. Who would you love to work with on a project?

There are so many directors out there that I would really love to work with: Jill Soloway, Reed Moreno, Martin Scorsese, Xavier Dolan, Sofia Coppola and so many more.

11. What are some movies or T.V. shows that you like and everyone should watch?

This is going to sound so old and I am probably so, so many years too late to this but I loved watching “Six feet under”.I just recently watched it for the first time. It is such an incredible show and it has concepts in it that relate to today’s age and society so I really recommend people go back and watch it.

12. What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would just say to her “take a deep breath”. I think life can get so stressful sometimes and we forget to live in the moment and relax. I started taking yoga, doing meditations, taking long walks outside, getting out of the house. Sometimes you just have to hit pause for a second and enjoy the moment.

13. What are some causes that are dear to you hear?

 Empowering young girls and women is really important to me. That is hopefully what I get to do with my work and that is one of the reasons why I started Twisted Valley Films in the first place. I have a sister that is younger than me and I also have a lot of younger cousins so I want to empower girls and set an example for them as well

14. What are the best and worst things about the industry?

The best thing about the industry would have to be working with wonderful, talented, creative people. I just worked on a movie in Atlanta and everyone was so involved in getting this project done. You are all there, telling a story together and I think that is beautiful. As for the worst thing about the entertainment business, it would have to be the business side. It is very hard for up and coming actors out there to get the credit that they deserve but keep at it and never give up because you will get there eventually.

15. Do you have anything to say to your supporters?

I hope that people who watch what I’m doing, whether that is acting, producing, directing, acting,  are inspired by what I’m doing the way I was by others. I love sets, filming, all of it and I want to love you to love it too. I want all the people who watch my work to become inspired enough that they get to tell their own stories and have the power to be who they want to be.

Thank you so much to Cece for the interview. I am so inspired by her work in the entertainment industry and the way she brought “Twisted Valley Films” to life. You can find her and her work on IMDb, Instagram, and Twitter.


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