Interview with Anzu Lawson

Anzu Lawson is a force of nature in many disciplines. Throughout her artistic life, she’s enjoyed success in acting, music, stand-up comedy, screenwriting & directing. A true warrior when it comes to following her passions, which have led her on many creative adventures, each one adding another layer to the multi-dimensional artist that is Anzu Lawson.

1.For the people who might not know you , who are you and what do you do ? 

I am an actress but I am also a playwright. I wrote an all original musical about John Lennon and Yoko Ono and,for the first time, you can hear the story from Yoko’s point of view because you always hear John Lennon’s version but never hers. We are actually sending a letter to Yoko about our musical and the goal is to have her blessing for the story.   

2.When did you decide you wanted to become an actress ? 

I think I decided to become an actress even before I was born. Ever since I can remember, I had no doubt about it. I always knew I wanted to play different roles and live different lives.Acting is what I was meant to do. 

3.What is the best thing about acting ? 

One of the best things about acting would have to be feeling like you are connected  to something bigger. When I play Yoko, I feel like everything about me changes and I get to channel this whole new interesting character. On set ,everyone comes together to do one thing to create something together and I think that is absolutely beautiful. 

4.What was the best project that you worked on ? 

My passion project is definitely the Yoko Ono one because it is the scariest. I wrote a musical about someone I never met but I am doing it because I have to. I have to complete the project because it feels like this is what I was meant to do all along. Another project that I love what the very first movie I acted in  .It was special to me because it changed my life.I played the love interest of Viggo Mortensen ,who is an incredible actor. I was so new to everything but I knew that was my lucky break. 

5.What would your dream role be ? 

Besides Yoko Ono, I want to tell as many stories about strong women in history ,as much as I can .A lot of them are not known in the common culture and I want to tell the stories of the rebels ,the misfits and the badass women . 

6.Which actors inspire you ? 

I love fearless actors who are not afraid to take risks when they play a role. Actors like Jake Gyllenhaal ,Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, you just know they will give more than 100% to their character. These men always show a sense of vulnerability that shows just how good they are at what they do. 

7.Do you have any advice for aspiring actors ? 

Create your own content and know how to do many different accents.Also, create content that only you can play. 

8.Do you have a favorite Tv show or movie ? 

I really love Atypical ,Dope, Mindhunter, Erased, Black Mirror,Stranger Things. I try to watch one episode of every show right now so that I can sense the vibe of the show. One of my favorite movies is a french one called Intouchables. 

9.What are some causes dear to your heart ?

My whole family is in the vegan movement.My family makes a cheese called Miyoko’s Cheese, they have an animal sanctuary. They are bringing awareness to the way Americans eat and try to provide a healthier choice. A cause dear to my heart would have to be conscious eating . 

10.Do you have anything to say to your fans ? 

Thank you for watching and for all the love that you give me on social media . I get so many messages from you and I am so sorry that I cannot respond individually to all of the but I see everything that you post and I  wish I could respond all the time.  

11.What is the best experience you had as an actress ? 

When I was doing the Yoko Ono musical the first time and people came up to me after the show  with tears in their eyes as told me how much my performance moved them . I made them feel something by  doing what I love to do and that fills my heart with joy .  

12.What do you hope for your future ? 

That I get to play Yoko One in her biopic and in the future of film will see more Asian stories.


Thank you so much to the wonderful Anzu Lawson for agreeing to the interview!She is insanely talented so definitely check out her work on her site ,Instagram ,Twitter,IMDb and the site for”the “Dear John, Why Yoko musical.


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