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Jacqueline is a London-based novelist and screenwriter. Her first YA novel Wunderkids (book 1) Wildwood Academy was released in June 2017.

Currently, Jacqueline is working on her second novel; book 2 in the Wunderkidstrilogy. She also works as screenwriter and producer on multiple cartoon series. In her spare time she likes to re-watch old episodes of Buffy, talk about her most recent book haul, and play with her direwolf Laika.  Blog Tour with Jacqueline Silvester.

Hi, everyone ! When I was approached by the lovely Jacqueline Silvester to be part of her book tour , I was very excited !She is an amazing author and I find her and her life experiences very interesting. Because I admire Jacqueline so much , I decided to ask about her top 5 books every woman should read and she did not disappoint ! Her book recommendations are really good. If you want to know more about her and her book , check the other 24 blogs where she talked for this blog tour . Without further ado , here is


Top 5 Books Every Young Woman Should Read



The Art of Seduction by Robert Green

At first glance this is a book about manipulation and how to seduce anyone/everyone.  At second glance this is a very interesting expose on human psychology, seduction and relationships, and Robert Greene examines these things masterfully through the use of fascinating historical comparisons and anecdotes.

I was 19 when I read this, an age where I was obsessed with boys and love and relationships. Sometimes too obsessed to function. The age of the ‘wait three days to call him back’ and other fortune cookie equivalents of dating advice that girls threw around in the female version of locker room talk.

I found this book incredibly empowering in a “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu way (which by the way is referenced throughout the book.) I felt like it gave me the tools and information to understand why I became seduced and how others were seduced. I found it very freeing to understand that human seduction is often a pattern of action/reactions and that there is rhyme and reason to what we at the time referred to as the ‘game.’

The best part was that after reading this book I was able to focus on other things. I was no longer upset if someone didn’t call me back, I would no longer sit and analyze people’s actions or question my behavior and myself.

I’m not saying this book is without faults but if you’re going to read any self-help book on dating let it be this one.

Let Go Now- Embracing Detachment by Karen Casey

In my early twenties I developed a problem. I cared very much about what people in my life thought and how they felt about my decisions. My happiness was directly interlinked to their views, opinions and their own happiness. With patriarchy and misogyny being so rampant I doubt that I am the only young woman to go through this. It was years before I learned about co-dependence and loving detachment. I bought this book after a nervous break down in Barnes and Noble and it became like my mini bible. I carried it everywhere and it reminded me that “no argument demands my participation” and “there are two kinds of business: your business and none of your business.”

This book will teach you about co-dependency and how to lovingly detach from the people in your life, that way you are not influenced by the ideas others project on you, or their feelings, opinions or problems.  Your happiness is your own.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Milk and Honey is a beautiful and easy read that ends up teaching you a great deal about your identity as a woman. It’s the type of book you keep in your purse and reach for when the world has made you feel lesser than. I remember being on the tube and feeling particularly down about my role as a woman and that I was just ‘not doing enough,’ then I read Kauer’s poem – “we are born so beautiful/ the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not,” and it sorted me out!

This book is basically ‘things all women need to hear,’ in poetry form.

The Harry Potter series

The Harry Potter universe is a warm and welcoming place and I know more people than I can count who have found refuge there. It’s like a warm blanket year round and it’s the universe that keeps on giving. I know it annoys some that the universe keeps getting ‘milked’ and continues on but for me it’s more than that, each little trinket, or a celebratory visit to an HP exhibit, or the studios, is another warm embrace, nostalgic and comforting and beautiful. I just think everyone should read this series and join in on the Harry Potter group hug.

Escapism is therapeutic and it doesn’t get any better than escaping to Hogwarts. Again and again and again.

Veronika Decides to Die by Paolo Coelho

I read this book when I was very young, probably too young to fully appreciate Paolo Coelho. Like a lot of teens I had thoughts of suicide and contemplated the meaning of life on a daily basis. This book examines the reasons we should keep on living and has a real life-affirming vibe.

Aside from that one of the main messages in the book that struck a chord with me was the idea that sanity is an arbitrary concept. If enough people believe in one truth or one reality then that in turn becomes the truth and reality.

This book is problematic in some ways, but if you read it critically you’re going to learn a little bit about yourself. Also reading Coelho is its own rite of passage and I preferred starting with this book than with the much-recommended “The Alchemist.”Warning: this book can be triggering because of scenes that contain or reference suicide, rape, and mistreatment in mental asylum.


Thank you so much to Jacqueline for choosing me to be part of her blog tour ! You can find her and her book on the official site ! Just click on the cover of Wunderkids.



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